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A Message From Wendy: “Intended Parents Hiring Two Surrogates”

What may be expected when IPs hire two surrogatessurrogates?

A new trend on the rise seems to be IPs hiring two GCs at a time.  The reason for this is that some IPs know that they want a larger family but do not want the risk of a woman carrying multiple babies.  They typically only implant one embryo into each GC – depending on the quality of the embryo.

An Intended Parents Surrogacy Example From SAA

We recently had a case in Connecticut like this where both carriers went to transfer the same day and they both live in the state of Georgia.  The embryo quality was a little questionable for one of the males (same sex couple) therefore they implanted two embryos in one GC and one in the other.  The carrier who had the single embryo transfer is pregnant and the other is not.

The GC whose pregnancy result was negative was a little upset and felt as though she was letting the parents down  but it happens!  One thing I ALWAYS encourage my ladies is that these parents know good and well the odds going into the surrogacy process.  They understand the risk and small percentage chance on that first transfer.  Don’t beat yourself up for something that you truly have no control over!  As long as you are following the medications protocol and doing what you are supposed to do, you have got to let fate take its course.

BEST of luck to both ladies and IPs for a happy outcome!


As a followup to this post, both Surro-mamas are expecting a singleton, doing extremely well and due this fall! The soon-to-be dads are ECSTATIC!!!  In addition we have had another duo with a heterosexual couple begin their journeys in OH.













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