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Personal Testimonials from some special gals:

None of the following personal testimonials have been changed in any way. I always recommend to everyone I work with checking around to find the right fit for you. Please know that a surrogate journey is your journey just as much as it is the IPs. I want what is best for you whether you work with me or anyone else. As always I’m happy to provide contact information with carriers anywhere in the US for you to connect with and get a referral before working with us. If you should decide we are not the right fit to work together I wish you the absolute best on your journey and thank you for being an angel and blessing to someone else. 🙂

My journey to become a surrogate mother took years of serious thought. After I completed my own family, I started to think of helping a family who was not as lucky as I was. After my son was born, I contacted Wendy, at surrogatesacrossamerica. She sent me an application and then answered most of my questions. After talking to my closest family I had made my decision…. I WAS READY!

For anyone who is considering being a surrogate mother I highly recommend Wendy! Wendy is competent, efficient and extremely supportive. This experience has been a high point in my life. In 10 short weeks I will give my IPs the most precious gift anyone could give. They will finally hold their daughter! My dream (since age 16) has finally come true due to Wendy’s expertise. If you have the desire to do this, pursue it, you will not regret it.

Stephanie Reynolds

I can’t say enough about the awesome experience I had as a 2 time surrogate and how great Wendy at Surrogates Across America and Mindy at Lotus Blossom made everything! I couldn’t have picked a better, more sweet and professional agency to help me through this long time dream to help others become parents! From day one with a million questions and hesitations to even now that my surro babies are 2 1/2 and 1 years old (twins), Wendy still is in contact with me and thanks me for doing such a wonderful job!

I can tell she truly loves her job and was a surrogate herself so that made me feel very comfortable talking to her and working with her. I would recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a miracle for another couple to talk to Wendy and let her help you through your journey… You will not be more pleased!!

Tracie B.
Canton, GA

SAA has been a huge blessing for me. I contacted Wendy to begin my surrogacy journey last year and I was immediately impressed with how easy she made this process for me.

Wendy and Mindy, with Lotus Blossom, worked with me throughout the entire process and now at almost 8 months pregnant with my first surro baby, I can say without a doubt, that I would recommend them both to anyone wanting to become a surrogate! They are both super knowledgeable, unbelievably compassionate and are always available when you need them.

The best part of being a surrogate, for me, is giving a family the opportunity to experience parenthood and without Wendy and Mindy, I would never have been able to do that.

Jamie M.

SAA is the most amazing company. I contact Wendy from a ad I saw on Facebook and asked her a million question and decided I wanted to help a family have the love I have with my son. Wendy was there for every call, text, email, before during and after the process. Even now almost 3 months later still checks on me. After we expand our family i will be coming to SAA again to help another family have a wonderful gift of a child.


I wanted to research surrogacy before I jumped in. I reached out to Wendy and got all of my questions answered. I wasn’t finished having kids, so I put the thought on hold. For the next 3 years I fished our family. Wendy never once pressured me, instead she’d check in on me every few months. She’d ask about my new baby, how I was feeling and how my older kids were doing. From that point I knew I could trust her and work with her. When I was ready Wendy was amazing. She did everything she could to help me and ensure I was educated about every choice that I had to make. When I met my intended parents for the first time it was a match! Wendy knew exactly what we both were looking for and didn’t match me with someone who may or may not fit.

It was simply the best possible match ever. After matching Wendy talked me through the rest of the process and communicated with me via text, email and phone calls. There was never a surprise, I always knew what was next. Now I am 24 weeks with twins for an amazing family from Germany. This process couldn’t have been any easier or smooth.

Wendy is truly a wonderful woman who takes the time to make the best match. She is kind and loving. She will not lead you astray, she will be there 100% of the time. We love Wendy!