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What Is Required Of A Gestational Carrier?

This is for gestational surrogacy where you would carry someone else’s child for them. There is no biological connection between you and baby.  The embryo is created outside of the womb by Intended mom and dad or by an egg donor and dad, or sperm donor and mom.   The embryo is then implanted into your uterus through IVF.

There are many different reasons as to why people use gestational carriers. They either have fertility issues that prevent them from carrying their own child or they are a gay couple who want a biological connection to a child by using an egg donor and surrogate mom. We do work with singles who have a desire to become a parent but just have not met their partner in life.  Sometimes we encounter cancer patients who had their eggs retrieved prior to cancer treatment but due to the treatment plan it has left them unable to carry their own child.  We have helped women born without uteruses or who had accidents that ruined their uteruses.  We have also helped countless same sex couples and singles achieve their lifelong dream of becoming parents.  Fertility is not easy and for many it is impossible without someone’s help.

Thank you for considering this journey that is unique and amazing.  We are here to coordinate the entire process, help with matching, organize with the legal, medical clearances, psychological evaluations, proper insurances, as well as a number of other things that will help mitigate any risk for you or your family making sure you are not responsible for ANY expenses related to this surrogate journey as well as insuring you are compensated properly with industry standard.  If you have specific questions, please let me know.  If you meet the following basic criteria and would like to discuss next steps please fill out the form below or email me directly  I’m happy to help determine if timing is good for you at this time to begin a journey.

  • Be between 20 and 40 years of age
    • Depending on your state laws, some require you to be 21
  • Height and weight in proportion
    • BMI 30 or below online calculators are available to check this if you are unsure such as
  • Healthy physical condition
    • Not currently taking medications including but not limited to anti-depressants or anti-anxiety for a minimum of 6 months prior to applying. A history of depression will disqualify.
  • Non smoker
    • Absolutely NO history of prior drug abuse of any kind will be accepted.
    • MUST be 6 months post quitting if a previous cigarette smoker.
  • Have demonstrated uncomplicated pregnancy(s) and delivery(s)
  • Free of sexually transmitted diseases
    • Previous STI that have been cleared up with medication is Ok!
  • Not dependent on government assistance
    • This does not include state funded insurance. Inquire to learn more.
  • Must pass criminal background check
    • NO EXCEPTIONS! Partners must pass as well
Below is the inquiry form with just basic information. Surrogacy is very diverse from state to state and case by case. The first steps are qualifying you as a candidate to determine if you are eligible to become a Gestational Carrier not just based on the above information but your location as well which plays a huge part on surrogacy. We would not want all your personal information before knowing if you were in a surrogacy friendly state. Aside from the above listed criteria I personally help girls who may not qualify today but need to work on a few things to qualify down the road by educating them on a few things to work on before getting started.  Once the above mentioned steps are completed I am interested in finding out more about you and establishing your top goals for becoming a carrier. Setting realistic expectations as well as properly preparing you for what to expect is our specialty. All cases are unique and no two journeys are alike. Everything will be gone over in great detail. There will be no obligation to proceed if you should feel we are not the right fit to work together for any reason. We will not share any identifying information with intended parent(s) until a match is solidified.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

I am always happy to share information and my passion for a very special industry that I am so privileged to serve.

Inquiry Form

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate mother, please complete the Inquiry Form below. After reviewing your Inquiry, I will be in touch to gather further information.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact me. Please also review the many helpful articles and blog posts found on this website to learn more about the surrogacy experience.