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Surrogate Mother Compensation & Fees

Surrogate Mother Compensation is a very common question among potential surrogates. The fact that you are considering surrogacy is such a selfless act of giving that one should never feel guilty inquiring about the surrogate fees or compensation for the process however it should be viewed as icing on the cake.

Compensation for surrogate mothers does not however have a “one size fits all” answer. We negotiate rates based on multiple factors. Items that go into the negotiations include but are not limited to your location, experience, diet, exercise, lifestyle and number of previous pregnancies to name a few.

Starting a family can be a very exciting experience. Many people choose to start families in order to bring a new life into the world and nurture it for fulfillment in the parents’ lives as well as the child’s. Those who choose to take this route often decide on natural pregnancy as a means of obtaining a child. However, there can often be problems associated with this method. Infertility and other medical issues can present roadblocks and can add frustration and stress on an already troublesome situation. Luckily, there are options that people can turn to in order to obtain the child that they want.

Surrogate mothers are a great way for couples to get the help they need when the desire to start a family arises. Many are simply special women who feel the need to contribute and help the world in a very unique way. They recognize that people need help and that many are not fortunate enough or capable of starting their own families through natural pregnancy. Luckily, becoming a surrogate is very easy and getting compensated helps to make the time and effort spent worthwhile not only for the couple in need but for the carrier wishing to dedicate her time and energy.

Average Surrogate Mother Compensation

Average surrogate mother compensation often varies between what is agreed upon by the carrier and the couple as well as the location of the surrogate. However, compensation typically ranges from $20,000 to $45,000 for a first-timer. Due to the fact that she will be working for nearly 9 months developing a child, medical needs will be attended to and the development will be closely monitored. The couple and the surrogate will work closely together in order to ensure that the child is developing healthily and no problems are present.

SAA looks to the industry standard numbers above as a base and works off of those numbers to begin negotiations on your behalf. All surrogate compensation rates are separate and apart from the costs and expenses associated with the pregnancy, doctor’s appointments, maternity clothes and any other incidental expenses incurred and related to the overall surrogacy arrangement. All medical costs and incidental expenses are the sole responsibility of the intended parents.  This is why it is so imperative to have a third party to insure escrow is fully funded prior to you going to embryo transfer.

Becoming a surrogate mother and acquiring average compensation is possible for anyone who has had an uncomplicated previous pregnancy. The internet can be a fantastic resource when it comes to finding information on becoming a surrogate mother and surrogate mother compensation. There are many websites and message boards dedicated to surrogacy that one can turn to in order to get the information they need. Many people have stories on their experiences and how much they were paid.

If you are someone who has questions on how the process is done, how to become one of the fortunate surrogate mothers and what the average surrogate compensation is, please contact us via this website. We are more than happy to help you every step of the way.