5 Amazing Benefits of Becoming A Surrogate Mom

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5 Amazing Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate Mom

Are you thinking of becoming a surrogate mom, but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision for you? We understand. While it’s incredible to help others by giving them the miracle of life, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly by any woman.

The journey can be a long one, but it’s an extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight some of the many benefits of becoming a surrogate mom.

Helping Others

What a surrogate receives from being involved in this amazing journey in helping someone become a parent is far and beyond what can be put into words. It doesn’t matter if it’s the barren woman they help bring this blessing to, a relative or friend who can’t carry due to medical conditions, or a same-sex couple who couldn’t become genetically tied to their child without a surrogate in place.

When the Intended Parents hear the first heartbeat at an ultrasound appointment, it’s a dream come true for the surrogate mom to see the expression of joy on their faces. When the parents finally get to hold their precious child in their arms, everyone in the room cries tears of joy.

The Intended Parents feel complete gratitude to the surrogate mother who made it possible for them, and the surrogate is overjoyed at seeing the family together.

There is true blessing in being able to give someone that gift. It’s truly a selfless act.

Being Pregnant Without the “Extra” Responsibility

If you are a woman who finds great joy in the actual pregnancy itself, but don’t necessarily want another addition to the family, surrogacy is a great way to have that experience again.

You get to go through being pregnant all over again, but at the end of the journey, you’ll be able to give an amazing gift to parents who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to have a family.

The Pay For Surrogate Mom

As if the act of giving weren’t enough in and of itself, surrogates are compensated well for their contribution. The monetary benefit has a large range – anywhere between $20,000 to $40,000.

Besides the pay, surrogates also gain the benefit of their health care being covered during the pregnancy if they don’t already have covereage. They must undergo a series of tests to ensure that they are good candidates for the process, and that their chances of having a healthy pregnancy are high.

It’s important to note that money isn’t the end-all, be-all of whether or not you should become a surrogate. Many surrogate mothers decide to embark on this journey for altruistic reasons; not monetary.

Support and Community

Surrogates Across America has built a wonderful community of surrogate moms. We fully believe in helping all of our surrogates through every step of the process, and you will never feel alone throughout this incredible journey.

From the first discussion between the Intended Parents and surrogate all the way to the birth, we make sure everyone involved is comfortable, happy, and excited for baby.

Giving Back

Along the same lines as helping couples grow their family, surrogacy is also an amazing way to give back. If you’ve had healthy pregnancies already, and want to help a couple who can’t conceive, then carrying for them is an enormous way to give back.

There are many women who make the decision to become surrogate mothers because they personally know someone who can’t conceive. They simply can’t sit on the sidelines and watch as their dream of having children is destroyed. Instead, surrogates volunteer their bodies and much more in order to make their dream a reality.

Becoming a surrogate mom means becoming a blessing for a couple who wants nothing more than to have a family. It’s another way of paying it forward.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then think about applying to become a surrogate with us. The initial process is fairly straightforward and simple, and we would love to have you! We currently have  Intended Parents waiting for the right surrogate to come along. Find out today if that surrogate is you.

If you would like more information about becoming a surrogate mom or about surrogacy in general, please contact Surrogates Across America.

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