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Considering a Surrogate

Egg Donors and Surrogates compensation Considering a Surrogate A gestational carrier is a woman you expect to provide an optimal environment – internally and externally – for the nine months your baby is in utero. She is someone who has no biological ties to the fetus and is unselfishly giving her body over to you and your...


Generous Donations: Egg Donors and Surrogates

By Laurie McLaughlin When a couple is having trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy, sometimes a “third party” is enlisted to help. These women—egg donors and surrogates—are giving one of the greatest gifts of all. Find out why they do it.   The phrase “third-party reproduction” sounds so impersonal. But the egg donors and surrogates...


What to Look for In a Potential Surrogate Mother

What are the attributes to look for in a good surrogate?   By Sandra Lippard The relationship between Intended Parents, IP’s, and a Surrogate has the potential to be very stressful, and if the match of the IP’s and the Surrogate is not good, there is the potential for a very antagonistic relationship with the...