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5 Reasons Why People Consider Gestational Surrogacy

Have you wondered who actually benefits from gestational surrogacy, or why people look to it as a solution to pregnancy?

Unfortunately, many couples (and singles) can’t have children on their own. Whether due to age, infertility, medical complications, or sexual preferences in partners, quite a few people turn to gestational surrogacy to provide them with the family they’ve always dreamed of.

We’re going to cover 5 reasons why couples (and individuals) consider gestational surrogacy to give you a better idea of who can benefit from it.

Couples with Medical Complications – The most common reason couples choose gestational surrogacy

Sadly, there are many medical conditions that make pregnancy difficult or impossible. In other cases, being pregnant can put the woman’s or unborn child’s life at risk. Gestational surrogacy eliminates some of that risk and worry as surrogates must pass a health exam in order to qualify.

Couples Suffering from Infertility

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infertility affects around 11% of women ages 15 to 44. There is a rapid decrease every year past the age of 30 for a woman. It’s very common challenge that many couples face, and it can be an extremely emotional process to go through.

When infertility treatments don’t help, couples may choose gestational surrogacy, as there’s a higher chance of pregnancy. If women experience trouble staying pregnant or becoming pregnant, then gestational surrogacy also makes sense.

Gay Couples

Another very common situation where gestational surrogacy is used is for gay couples who need a surrogate mother to carry their child. Sperm is typically used from one father in conjunction with an anonymous or known egg donor.

Additionally, surrogacy in the United States is a solution for international gay couples who aren’t given the option of surrogacy in their home country.

Single Males (and Females)

We’ve also seen cases where single males who are older decide they want a family. They can choose gestational surrogacy for the same basic reason as gay couples – they need the help of a surrogate to carry the baby, and they need an egg donor.

Gestational surrogacy makes it possible for these men to have a baby that is genetically tied to them. They can also maintain a close friendship with the surrogate mother as well.

Additionally, there are single females out there who have a strong desire to have children, but do not have (or choose not to have) a partner. They can choose to have a surrogate mother carry their children and use a sperm donor to make their ideal family a reality. In some cases singles can get discriminated against due to being single or based on age which disqualifies them from adoption but is not a disqualifying factor for surrogacy. Many people don’t realize that like children who are available to be adopted, there are also embryo available as well for adoption.

Older Couples

The Office on Women’s Health reports that 20% of women are having their first child at age 35 or later. Once you are past age 35, from a medical standpoint you’re of “advanced maternal age.” Your pregnancy can be risky and you simply aren’t as fertile as you were in your 20s.

A few of the reasons women have been delaying pregnancy include their career, their education, marrying later, and wanting to be financially secure.

Regardless of the reason, couples are finding one solution to pregnancy later in life to be gestational surrogacy. It carries less risk and chance of complications. Those that decide they want children later in life should be offered the opportunity to have them.

How You Can Benefit or Help

The main point of choosing gestational surrogacy is to have a child that’s genetically related to you. In all of these cases, the intended parents contribute their own eggs or sperm. While adoption is always an option, some individuals want children who are genetically their own. Gestational surrogacy offers them that option.

It’s a shame that there are so many people out there who want to have children, but can’t. But you can help! If you’re interested in helping to create a family for a couple who can’t conceive, then please reach out to us by filling out our application to become a surrogate mother.

Likewise, if you’re a couple looking for a consultant that has your best interests at heart, then please contact us. We want to help you have the family you’ve always wanted.

If you would like more information about becoming a surrogate mother or about surrogacy in general, please contact Surrogates Across America.

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