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A Friend Becomes A Gestational Carrier For A Family Desiring Another Child

Julia and Lee Newton faced one of their darkest moments when they realised they couldn’t have children without life-threatening complications. Julia had her first child, a daughter named Emily, in 2007, but the pregnancy led to the development of an Rh incompatibility, which caused her body to create antibodies that would attack the blood of...


How Important Are The Husbands Of Surrogate Mothers?

Any guy who supports his wife through a pregnancy can expect a major reward: a baby. His baby. But what happens when that child actually belongs to someone else? One man share’s his family’s journey to help another couple have a baby and his wife’s brave choice to become a surrogate mother. How could a...


Infertility And Surrogacy – A Surrogate’s Tale

My surrogate journey was simple. It was a calling. Something I felt in my very core I wanted to do. People think I’m crazy and that’s OK. I actually had a dream I delivered twins when I was going through an infertile time myself. When I awakened from the dream, I knew this was something...


A Surrogate Mother Shares Her Perspective On Surrogacy

What is gestational surrogacy? Detailed information about Surrogate & Surrogate Pregnancy Written by Ryley of That’s My Family Blog: Today I am 7 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound pictures are held up with letter magnets on my fridge. My calendar is splattered with OB appointment reminders every week. But this baby isn’t mine. This baby belongs to...


What to Look for In a Potential Surrogate Mother

What are the attributes to look for in a good surrogate?   By Sandra Lippard The relationship between Intended Parents, IP’s, and a Surrogate has the potential to be very stressful, and if the match of the IP’s and the Surrogate is not good, there is the potential for a very antagonistic relationship with the...