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Surrogate Mothers – Important Information to Consider

The need for Gestational Carriers or Surrogate Mothers grows as more individuals and couples seek to create families. Infertility is growing at alarming rates as women delay child bearing and as same sex couples explore surrogacy in order to secure the desire for biological children.

Demand for surrogate mothers in the US is also growing since gestational carriers are very desirable for international couples due to restrictive laws in other countries. The demand for carriers is highly prevalent in the US due to our relaxed laws in comparison to other countries and our incredible success rates with IVF.  Even certain states are friendlier than others.

Using a gestational carrier costs approximately $100,000 – 150,000 and despite this high cost surrogate mothers are still in great demand.

Achieving a surrogate pregnancy for someone is truly a selfless and beautiful journey, especially when the surrogate mothers and intended parents are an ideal match professionally, personally and when all parties have like minded attitudes towards the pregnancy.  In our experience with some absolutely amazing successful journeys we have found that even language barriers have no bearing on the beautiful bond built from a surrogacy arrangement.  We have had some incredible stories of surrogates matched with Chinese-speaking, German-speaking, Spanish, etc and no matter the language or lack of communication the outcome and common goal uniquely binds us all.

For Gestational Carriers it is important to find the best agency or consultant to insure that you are well represented and truly have an advocate to help you through the surrogacy arrangement. We are a private entity that offers a unique one on one approach, giving the carriers a very personal touch to a  journey while acting as her advocate to ensure all things are done fairly and equitably.

If you are interested in learning more about being a Gestational Carrier, contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you.  The top desirable states as of today 3/1/17 are ALL East Coast states as well as TX, IL, NV, CA & OR

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