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A High Demand For Surrogate Mothers In The U.S.

Surrogate Mothers – Important Information to Consider The need for Gestational Carriers or Surrogate Mothers grows as more individuals and couples seek to create families. Infertility is growing at alarming rates as women delay child bearing and as same sex couples explore surrogacy in order to secure the desire for biological children. Demand for surrogate mothers in the...


Gestational surrogacy cost

Is It Worth It? Gestational surrogacy cost can average from 100,000 to 150,000, this also includes fees, miscellaneous and possible medical reimbursements and insurances, but it does vary due to many factors. What factors do you wonder? Factors could include but are not limited to insurance coverage, medical procedures that may be required, and the legal...


Surrogate Compensation

Starting a family can be a very exciting experience. Many people choose to start families in order to bring a new life into the world and nurture it for fulfillment in the parents’ lives as well as the child’s. Those who choose to take this route often decide on natural pregnancy as a means of...