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Is It Worth It?

Gestational surrogacy cost can average from 100,000 to 150,000, this also includes fees, miscellaneous and possible medical reimbursements and insurances, but it does vary due to many factors. What factors do you wonder? Factors could include but are not limited to insurance coverage, medical procedures that may be required, and the legal representation that is needed. There could be circumstantial expenses that must be covered such as travel expenses for the Gestational Carrier (GC.)

Why should you go to the expense of using a GC which can be substantial?  One of the most important advantages is that the carrier has no genetic ties to your newborn.  This child is biologically a combination of only you and your partner or perhaps an anonymous egg donor or sperm donor was involved. This advantage carries with it an important clause as it has the ability to help you with the legality of parenthood as well. This is an advantage that also helps the carrier as well. Since she has no true ties to the newborn, she is more prepared for the psychological issues that could arise during this process.

It is important for Intended Parents to decide if they can financially handle the fees and according to an extensive study by Yale’s Fertility Center, there are quite a few candidates who should consider this option. One, is women who have been born without a functioning uterus or have had it surgically removed. Women who have acquired disorders, which in turn has made their uterus unsuitable for pregnancy…disorders such as extensive fibroids, adenomyosis or Asherman’s. There are also those women who have certain medical conditions that make any pregnancy a serious and potentially fatal risk, such as women who have a recurring problem with miscarriages and male same-sex couples.

Is there a reason why the fees for using a carrier are so high? Well there are a number of reasons why it is high, but what any potential parent should pay close attention to is the screening process of the carrier. All GCs who are legitimately acquired through an agency must submit to a thorough medical investigation and background check as well as a host of blood-work.  They must meet the guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), which are quite extensive and precise.

The woman must be healthy and ages between 21 and 40 to ensure safety of the newborn. She must have had at least one successful birth, without so much as a smudge of complications. There is an evaluation that includes a psychological evaluation, and screening in addition to passing a medical screening. The medical does not stop after passing the screening, but it is an ongoing process throughout the pregnancy to monitor the health of the surrogate mother. A surrogacy arrangement may seem high on paper, but compared to the measures taken to ensure the successful birth of your newborn and the ability to use your own genetics those fees are priceless.

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