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Surrogacy – A Single Man Chooses Fatherhood Via Surrogacy

Louis DeFilippi and his daughter Anna enjoy Lincoln Center in New York. He decided to have a child with the help of surrogacy when he was in his late 50s. Louis DeFilippi does not care much about labels like “single dad.” If DeFilippi is a symbol of anything, it is simply that of independent thinking....


A Surrogacy Story: Making History for Same-Sex Couples (Part 2)

 Making History For Same-Sex Couples: Jennifer Menges, 33   Click Here To Read Part 1 of Jennifer’s Surrogacy Story At 39 weeks, they all showed up at the hospital for her c-section. “One of the fathers was totally freaked out and didn’t want to see blood, I think, hoping he could just look through a...


A Surrogacy Story: Making History for Same-Sex Couples (Part 1)

Making History For Same-Sex Couples: Jennifer Menges, 33   In 2005, Jennifer Menges was a stay-at-home mom, raising her three children in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Through a parenting website, she had met another mother who had been a surrogate for a family, and was now trying to get that child back. “I was absolutely...


Jennifer and Sarah’s Surrogacy Story (Part 2)

Click Here to Read Part One of Jennifer and Sarah’s Surrogacy Story   After getting the go-ahead from the therapists and a clean bill of health from the doctors, they did embryo transfers and Jennifer got pregnant with twin girls. “I had already carried my own twins, so I knew the challenges [of being pregnant...


Jennifer and Sarah’s Surrogacy Story (Part 1)

A Friend’s Gift: Jennifer Marett, 42   After struggling with her own infertility issues, Jennifer Marett understood the emotional pain of trying desperately to have a child, only to be disappointed again and again. She and her then-husband, Eric, ended up conceiving through IVF — and her boy-girl twins were five years old when her...


A Surrogacy Story from Christine (Part 2)

  Click Here to read Part One of Christine’s Surrogacy Story   Christine Rush, 28 She loved the experience so much, she was eager to do it again. This time though, she wanted it to be with a couple in the States. “I liked the idea of having a family that was involved, that I...


A Surrogacy Story from Christine (Part 1)

A Lifelong Bond: Christine Rush, 28   When Christine Rush was still in high school, she went to visit a friend in the hospital, who had just given birth to a baby. Only, this baby wasn’t hers — she had been a gestational surrogate for a Japanese family. “I just found the whole thing so...


A Surrogacy Story from Stacie

Stacie Lykins, 37, former police officer and owner of Prodigy Ovum Donations, two-time surrogate, Tavares, Florida I was a surrogate who experienced the “just a number” treatment from clinical staff and others associated with assisted reproduction, so I started Prodigy Ovum Donations to provide personalized and ethical services for those in need of third-party reproduction....


A Surrogacy and Egg Donation Story from Katy

Katy Melo, 31, runs Kuro Surrogacy & Beyond agency, two-time surrogate and five-time egg donor, Houston, Texas I can’t imagine my life without my own four boys. When I started researching surrogacy, it broke my heart that so many people who wanted children their whole lives couldn’t have them. It took me four years to...


A Surrogacy Story from Barbara

Barbara, 35, stay-at-home mom, two-time surrogate, Tampa, Florida   I’m a surrogate because I enjoy being pregnant, and I’m now preparing for my third surrogacy. It will be my last unless this couple would like a sibling for their child, because the thought of looking for another couple is not for me. That’s one of...

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